Saturday, 12 March 2016



I started this blog to document and share my liposuction journey.

I am just a normal girl, facing problems that many of you are also facing.
A lack of self-confidence, good genes, and so on.

I have never been a skinny girl from young, I was just went from babyfats-chubby to a bit or very plump. My friends laughed at me, calling me names and teased me. I didn't like what they say, because I am sensitive and self-aware, and having them remind me about all my flaws just sucks.
I want to be slim and confident too, I want to strut down the street and not feel that people are looking at me cause I am fat and gross.

I thought about a lot of different things, I've spent money on different things like slimming programmes, gym memberships, diet pills and starved myself. I do workout too, as I enjoy marathons. Even when I was running a lot, my "elephant thighs" (as my friends call it) didn't become any less elephant. I might have been a little slimmer when I was going through a rough patch (that lasted a year or more) during my horrible relationship, but it was unhealthy weight loss due to emotional torture and starvation. Even though I was slimmer, I was not proportionate, and I still had huge bottoms.

Into the first year of busy worklife, it has been even harder to keep up with workouts and it is just tiring every single day. I like to run outdoors, so running was affected by rainy season, haze period, my own period, falling sick and so on. It is very hard to get back on track once you go back to square one, but I am trying to get back into it. However, knowing that even if I work hard at it, doing 20km and more, will not help with the problematic body parts just turns the motivation off.

After hearing more insults from supposed friends, I was depressed for a period, and started typing weird things in the search engine. That began my "research" on liposuction as I chanced upon it.
I read up a lot about the procedures (the new and old technologies and the traditional method), the different options, different countries, prices, doctors. I then emailed a couple of them to enquire about pricing and details, and I decided that I want to do it in Medan, with Dr Arthur Tjandra.

I want to use this blog to share the process so that anyone else thinking of going can use this to help ease some uneasiness and hopefully clear some doubts.

(This post is posted before I even go for the trip or even book my surgery date, I just don't want to lose the thoughts and wanted to start it and document as much as possible down, so that other people can read and not feel as clueless when they are going for it.)

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