Monday, 23 May 2016

Liposuction - Day 1

16th May 2016

This is the day that I booked my surgery for.
My flight was scheduled to take off at 7.40am, so I had to be at the airport around 6am.
I checked in online the night before and only had to get my boarding pass and check in my luggage.

My mum cabbed down with me to the airport, and we found the machines that enables self-check-in and printing of boarding passes. It was pretty easy to use, but the boarding pass comes out like a receipt :( Oh, and they also print the check-in baggage tag for you, you just have to input the number of baggage you want to check-in. Attach the baggage tag and then proceed to the counter to drop the bags! :)

Then mum and I went for breakfast at McDonalds. After breakfast, mum sent me off and I went to the boarding gate.

Got a nice window seat (i chose it in advance), and good thing is the seat beside me is unoccupied! So, didn't feel as restricted and cramped up.
I forgot to get Straits Times for Doc (saw on another patient's blog) as planned, but was feeling happy when I saw the flight attendants giving them out! :D Got a copy to pass to doctor.

The flight was delayed a number of times, and I was getting worried about the driver running away :(
As there was a thunderstorm in the city, the flight circled over the ocean for half an hour before heading to the airport. The plane finally touched down around 9.40am (8.40am Medan time), which is almost an hour later than schedule!
Then I faster proceed to the queue at the immigration counter, and I was a little scared after reading the email from Jennifer (about the officers hitting on females), I looked around trying to find a guy to talk to, but didn't dare to either. lol. So I just pray that they will be nice and let me go without any rubbish.
Suddenly, the queue stops moving forward, but more and more people are joining at the back. There seems to be some problems with their system, so again another delay. :/

Then, finally it was my turn and I went to the counter, and the officer asked me where am I staying, how long am I here for, and he even stood up and looked like he was calling his friend, and he asked if I am alone, with some sheepish look -.- I said "my friend is waiting for me outside", and his face became a little pekcek and he chopped my passport and let me go. (phew.. so annoying)

Went through the bag scan, and walked out of the automated doors. The arrival hall definitely does not look like Changi Airport, and people waiting all crowded in front, and I spotted the driver with a paper with my name! :)

Glad that he did not run away, I nodded and smiled at him to let him know I'm here, and he took my luggage for me and I just follow him to the carpark. The car ride to the clinic took 1hour 15minutes, and it was a bumpy ride, and there were no songs playing in the car (unlike what other patients mentioned). It was a quiet ride, and the streets look very much like Malaysia and Batam.
There were many boys and men on the street with guitars, going up to the cars and singing. I don't really understand this, are they trying to get people to give them money for singing? I think it makes more sense if they were selling stuff instead.

Then, we arrived at the clinic, and it looks just like how it looks in the other blogs.
I was greeted by the maid, and was told to sit in the waiting area.
Soon after, the nurse came out with a green file, and asked me if I can sign some of the forms and fill some personal information. She also asked for my passport for scanning (doc will keep it until you are leaving).
Then she asked me if I am getting meds from the clinic, and I said yes, so she brought out this big packet of medicine, and ask me to eat two antibiotics capsule, two panadol? tablets (I can't remember, but it should be panadol). I was like "oh no, the thing I'm most afraid of is here..." (I can't swallow pills and I tasted all the gross meds so I absolutely HATE meds)
I asked the nurse if she can give me a cup and let me smash the tablets and open the capsules, but she said cannot. :( So, I put them one by one in my mouth and chew and spam water. I think I drank 2 cups of water before I finish eating the 4 meds. omg, bloated.. x_x

The nurse also brought this menu out and asked me to order my lunch and dinner for the day.

I was then brought to my temporary room (without bathroom) by the nurse as the other rooms were occupied at that time, and they will be leaving later that day. So, after leaving my stuff, the nurse brought me around the house, telling me where I can get bowls/utensils/water/DVDs and so on.
She showed me the shared bathroom in the corridor that I will have to use for now.

Then I went and took a shower with the Dettol I brought along (but there was no mention that it is needed though), and I also washed my hair thoroughly as I won't be able to bathe for the next few days, and I just hope I can be as fresh as possible for as long as possible. lol.

After my shower, I dried my hair (There's hairdryer! :D so happy). Then I wore the disposable underwear given by the nurse, my own sports bra and the green gown provided. I don't know why, maybe the gown lost its elasticity and it kept slipping down. :(
I didn't know what to do after that, and was worried if they wouldn't know if I'm ready, so I went to the living room to wait.

Later, I was asked to go to the consultation room on level 1, and doc looked at my king kong thighs (as he calls them :/) and discussed about reasonable expectations. I remember doc also asked me "why liposuction? why not exercise?" I feel a little sian when he asked that, cause I was a swimmer since kindergarten (even won a few medals), and then I was in sports CCA in JC, and I ran long distance ever since, going for marathons and all... but my thighs were always bigger than my upper body T_T I hate it so much.. I am just not the kind of girl who has slim body/good genes, not even when I workout a lot. but yes I'm much fatter now compared to when I was running regularly. Work life sucks. :(

Okay, rants aside, but doc, you have to understand everyone coming to you has such concerns for a long long time, it hurts them inside and we are not lazy people who just had too much money to spend. If I had the choice (and a nice body), I rather save my money for other stuff.

Then doc proceeded to explain about the procedure, the equipment he uses, and advantages and disadvantages of his method.
If you read and research enough on him, you will know all the points he was talking about.
Extra info will be like he said that there were people who get panic attacks at the operation table and ran away, and that got me worried, as you wouldn't know if you will behave like that too right? and I just pray that I will not feel that much pain and won't be a troublesome patient.

Doc then decided that we should have lunch first.
I ordered chicken porridge (burbur Ayam) earlier, it is okay, but you must mix the porridge before eating, if not it will be bland.
As the chicken is at the bottom, I was eating the porridge on top and wondering where is the chicken and taste. lol. After I mixed it up, it tasted better.

Oh ya, before lunch, nurse brought me to the recovery room beside the operation room to take measurements of my thighs, arms, and waist for a record I guess.

After lunch, I was brought to the operation room for the pre-op video taking. Doc was commenting on my horrible fats and drawing on my thighs. It is pretty funny to hear him say those comments, as I've heard them on the numerous youtube videos I've watched. Then I was asked to stand on some paper while doc clean my thighs with iodine.

After that, I went up the operation table.
I was hoping I will just fall asleep and wake up when everything is done, but I did not :(
I felt almost everything, the making of the incisions, the suctioning of fats. ahhhhhhh.
Actually, the cannula going in and out was not painful, doc pinching the fats was more painful..
(Anyway I found out from doc that he only gave me a small dose of sedative cause I looked like I was tahan-ing well.. no wonder I felt everything..)
Sometimes I could feel "electric shock" when my fats were being sucked away.
I just kept grabbing the sides of the arm rest, and I was so so glad for the nurse, who kept offering her hand for me to squeeze, and she would also sayang my forehead to help me ease the pain.
Oh, the area under my eyes started swelling up during the operation, and the nurse even brought me a mirror for me to see. lol.
They told me I could be allergic to one of the meds (can't remember what, I think was the injected painkiller?).
After both thighs were done, I was told to stand up and then lie down again cause doc wanted to do some touch-up. (As doc would explain to you during the consultation, that is because lying down and standing up is different, it might look perfect while lying down but when you stand up there might be holes or bumps here and there.)

Finally, we are done with the surgery. Thighs are definitely smaller than pre-op but sad to say I don't think it will be slim thighs. lol. But, yes realistic expectations, I will not be able to get slim thighs after one session of lipo, as I started with gigantic elephant thunder thighs.. T_T Let's just see where it brings me 6 months later.. (praying hard~)

I was brought to the recovery room to have my vitals monitored, as doc removed a lot of fats (close to 3.5L) I think. I was also asked to eat some meds again. omg x_x I drank 2 big cups of water to down those meds.
My thighs were also wrapped up in the compression bandages with layers of sanitary pads underneath. The pads were pretty comfy hahaha.

Later, I was back in my room (how did I even climb up the stairs, I have no idea).
I kept peeing too, and the real battle has begun.
Surgery was painful, but not that crazy to be honest, and it only lasted a while, but recovery is a long process..

I fell asleep around 6pm and woke up hoping it was the next day, but sadly it was around 9pm.
Was just lying in bed, and doc came to check on me, and told me that he will be leaving the house and be back around midnight, if I need anything I can call the maid. (but apparently the maid does not understand english, and it's pretty frustrating to interact with her during my stay, more about this later). Doc was really nice as he switched on the night lights for me before he left. And I just lie there, hoping that I will drift into dreamland, but I stayed awake till Doc came to check on me after midnight. He asked if I need some sleeping pills, lol. I said no cause I hate pills. Pills, please go away.

I eventually slept, but woke up a number of times as it is pretty uncomfortable to sleep in a dead log position, and I dont have the energy to move my legs too, so it is all just very stiff and sore. :(

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Preparing for the trip

It is less than a week to the trip and I am really looking forward to it, but at the same time nervous!
Nervous about what will happen, nervous about the results and everything.
Worried about the medications because I hate taking meds, and I always skip my meds cause it makes me so miserable, I will just sit there for 1 hour or 2 just staring at them and cry. :(

But this is a big surgery, and to make sure that everything will go well, I must take my meds as prescribed and I am trying to brace myself for that.

Also, I made a trip to Chinatown, to get my Arnica Montana from Amber Pharmacy. I just hope that swelling will be minimum for me and I will recover fast and well!

I also wrote down a list of what I plan to bring for the trip just in case I can't remember while packing, and miss out the important items!

As it is also closer to surgery date, Jennifer also sent a few more emails regarding the trip, such as airport officers hitting on women and how to avoid them (which is pretty funny and scary at the same time). I just hope everything will go smoothly, as this is the first time I am going on a trip alone.

Can't wait for the trip and the results! Elephant thunder thighs please disappear from my life!

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Pre-trip (Part 2- book surgery date)

After a couple of days, Ms Jennifer emailed me with my blood test results attached.

The start of the email scared me a little as she said "your blood test results is abnormal". I was so afraid that she would say that I am not suitable for liposuction.

Luckily, she said that although it is abnormal, I am still able to go ahead with the surgery as my haemoglobin level is sufficient.

She also informed me that I should check with her the availability of doctor's schedule before i proceed to book my flights. I then experimented a couple of dates to check out the prices of the flights and checked the availability with Ms Jennifer.

I was lucky to get the date I wanted, and I wanted to stay longer than recommended (5D4N), and so I asked Ms Jennifer if that is possible. She said that it is good if I stay longer than recommended as I would get free daily massage that will help with recovery, and these massages would easily cost up to $100/session in Singapore. Therefore, I booked my flights and confirmed with her that I will be staying 9D8N instead.

As I already applied for leave at work for about two weeks, I thought I might as well make sure everything will go smooth and I can recover fast. I didn't want to come home all bruised and swollen and tired, so I decided to stay longer (if I stay shorter than 9D8N and longer than 5D4N, the flights would be much more expensive as well). I hope that the extra days that I am staying will be worthwhile, under the professional care of the nurses and not having to worry about inconvenience at home for the first 10days or so.

I am currently excited and nervous, looking forward to the surgery date and looking forward to a new pair of legs. I wonder how much it would change and how I would recover. I am praying for the best and I hope that the date will come soon! (I can't wait to say goodbye to my thunder elephant thighs.)

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Pre-trip (Part 1- blood test)

I emailed the contact email provided on the elixirdevie website, and received a reply from Ms Jennifer Cotto within 12 hours. She sent a couple of emails with various different information, about flights to Medan, Dr's experience, risks and complications of liposuction, preventive steps, surgery costs (and what it includes and excludes), as well as information of the blood test required before I can even book the surgery date.

She requested for some of my details, as well as some medical history. I was also told to provide some photos for Dr and her to review and understand my concerns. I quickly reverted the email and sent the photos required. After sending the emails, it took a couple of days for Ms Jennifer to reply, as it could be because it was the weekend and that Dr. had to review my photos before she could let me know of any decisions on their side.

After 4 days of wait, I emailed her again to double confirm that she received my emails and asked if my photos were clear enough. She then replied to inform that Dr. Arthur has reviewed and accepted my case. She also mentioned about realistic expectations as I have thick and huge thighs, I should not expect model slim legs after just one session, as Dr. Arthur will try to remove as much as possible within the safety limit of 2-3L per session. She also said that if I am ready, I should let her know and she would send me the blood test form.

As I was a little worried about not being able to get enough money for the trip and to do the surgery, I asked if there is a time period, upon taking the blood test, within which I must get the surgery done. It turns out that they will accept blood test results up to one year, but it is best to get the surgery done as near as possible to the blood test (or vice versa), so that it will be a more accurate representation of your health.

Reading about the long periods of recovery and all the hassle, I want to start this journey as soon as possible.

Therefore, determined to get the surgery done ASAP, I asked for the blood test form and went for the blood test the day after.

For the blood test:
You must first print out the form that Ms Jennifer Cotto emailed, and remember to bring it when you go for your blood test.
The email that Ms Jennifer sent will have the blood test form as well as the instructions for you to take note.
You WILL have to fast from 10pm from the night before your blood test.
I read on a blog previously that you do not have to fast, so I was abit worried.
I then went through the list of tests that was ordered by the Dr. and saw that "fasting glucose" is required, therefore I fasted as per Ms Jennifer's instructions.

The day after, I made my way down to Paragon, in Orchard.
I am not very familiar with Orchard road to be honest, so I googled Paragon to look at the landmarks that I could rely on. It is apparently beside lucky plaza, which made it easy enough for me to find it. (:

I found the shopping mall but was then worried about the next thing, which lift lobby to go to?
Ms Jennifer was pretty clear in her instructions, as she mentioned that I should take the lift that is beside the Citibank Counter. (She also advise on the timing to avoid due to peak hours) However, there were 2 different lift lobbies opposite each other, and both were beside Citibank. But if you remember correctly, Ms Jennifer mentioned the counter, as the other Citibank was the branch. To make it easier, it is lift lobby F. (:
I noted it down so that it will be clearer for anyone who happens to read this blog hoping to prepare him/herself for this!

So, after going up to level 17, just walk down the corridor, you will walk past a cancer treatment centre and a plastic surgery clinic. Quest lab is on the left of the corridor (opposite the clinic).

Just pass the form and your I/C to the lady at the counter and get the queue number from her.
You can then go and sit down and wait for the lady to come and pass you back your I/C. Later the nurse will call you and you just have to go into the (only) room and have your blood drawn. (:

I am scared of needles to be honest, so I didnt dare to look, and the nurse was really nice and tried to distract me. So, I got my blood drawn without feeling much discomfort.

You then have to press on the "wound" and go back outside to sit down and wait for the receptionist to call you for payment. Just pay and you can go!

They will send the test results to Dr. and Ms Jennifer will then email you regarding your blood test results and suitability for liposuction.

*Liposuction is a major surgery, therefore blood test is required to ensure your safety and prevent complications.

Saturday, 12 March 2016



I started this blog to document and share my liposuction journey.

I am just a normal girl, facing problems that many of you are also facing.
A lack of self-confidence, good genes, and so on.

I have never been a skinny girl from young, I was just went from babyfats-chubby to a bit or very plump. My friends laughed at me, calling me names and teased me. I didn't like what they say, because I am sensitive and self-aware, and having them remind me about all my flaws just sucks.
I want to be slim and confident too, I want to strut down the street and not feel that people are looking at me cause I am fat and gross.

I thought about a lot of different things, I've spent money on different things like slimming programmes, gym memberships, diet pills and starved myself. I do workout too, as I enjoy marathons. Even when I was running a lot, my "elephant thighs" (as my friends call it) didn't become any less elephant. I might have been a little slimmer when I was going through a rough patch (that lasted a year or more) during my horrible relationship, but it was unhealthy weight loss due to emotional torture and starvation. Even though I was slimmer, I was not proportionate, and I still had huge bottoms.

Into the first year of busy worklife, it has been even harder to keep up with workouts and it is just tiring every single day. I like to run outdoors, so running was affected by rainy season, haze period, my own period, falling sick and so on. It is very hard to get back on track once you go back to square one, but I am trying to get back into it. However, knowing that even if I work hard at it, doing 20km and more, will not help with the problematic body parts just turns the motivation off.

After hearing more insults from supposed friends, I was depressed for a period, and started typing weird things in the search engine. That began my "research" on liposuction as I chanced upon it.
I read up a lot about the procedures (the new and old technologies and the traditional method), the different options, different countries, prices, doctors. I then emailed a couple of them to enquire about pricing and details, and I decided that I want to do it in Medan, with Dr Arthur Tjandra.

I want to use this blog to share the process so that anyone else thinking of going can use this to help ease some uneasiness and hopefully clear some doubts.

(This post is posted before I even go for the trip or even book my surgery date, I just don't want to lose the thoughts and wanted to start it and document as much as possible down, so that other people can read and not feel as clueless when they are going for it.)