Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Pre-trip (Part 2- book surgery date)

After a couple of days, Ms Jennifer emailed me with my blood test results attached.

The start of the email scared me a little as she said "your blood test results is abnormal". I was so afraid that she would say that I am not suitable for liposuction.

Luckily, she said that although it is abnormal, I am still able to go ahead with the surgery as my haemoglobin level is sufficient.

She also informed me that I should check with her the availability of doctor's schedule before i proceed to book my flights. I then experimented a couple of dates to check out the prices of the flights and checked the availability with Ms Jennifer.

I was lucky to get the date I wanted, and I wanted to stay longer than recommended (5D4N), and so I asked Ms Jennifer if that is possible. She said that it is good if I stay longer than recommended as I would get free daily massage that will help with recovery, and these massages would easily cost up to $100/session in Singapore. Therefore, I booked my flights and confirmed with her that I will be staying 9D8N instead.

As I already applied for leave at work for about two weeks, I thought I might as well make sure everything will go smooth and I can recover fast. I didn't want to come home all bruised and swollen and tired, so I decided to stay longer (if I stay shorter than 9D8N and longer than 5D4N, the flights would be much more expensive as well). I hope that the extra days that I am staying will be worthwhile, under the professional care of the nurses and not having to worry about inconvenience at home for the first 10days or so.

I am currently excited and nervous, looking forward to the surgery date and looking forward to a new pair of legs. I wonder how much it would change and how I would recover. I am praying for the best and I hope that the date will come soon! (I can't wait to say goodbye to my thunder elephant thighs.)

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