Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Preparing for the trip

It is less than a week to the trip and I am really looking forward to it, but at the same time nervous!
Nervous about what will happen, nervous about the results and everything.
Worried about the medications because I hate taking meds, and I always skip my meds cause it makes me so miserable, I will just sit there for 1 hour or 2 just staring at them and cry. :(

But this is a big surgery, and to make sure that everything will go well, I must take my meds as prescribed and I am trying to brace myself for that.

Also, I made a trip to Chinatown, to get my Arnica Montana from Amber Pharmacy. I just hope that swelling will be minimum for me and I will recover fast and well!

I also wrote down a list of what I plan to bring for the trip just in case I can't remember while packing, and miss out the important items!

As it is also closer to surgery date, Jennifer also sent a few more emails regarding the trip, such as airport officers hitting on women and how to avoid them (which is pretty funny and scary at the same time). I just hope everything will go smoothly, as this is the first time I am going on a trip alone.

Can't wait for the trip and the results! Elephant thunder thighs please disappear from my life!

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